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    Hello all,

    first I hope you had a good time for Christmas, and enjoy the new year party.

    Now, I have another request for identification.
    Someone came to me with a few pictures of a SL Mockinbird, that he bought about 5 years ago to someone else

    Here are a few pics, everything you can find out about the guitar is more than welcome !!!!
    The guy took the guitar appart, and the only infos he could found were:
    . hand written "T.R.D 901-27" behind the springs of the tremolo
    . under the neck pickup there is something written with a X, but hard to read
    . under the bridge pickup "996"

    I cannot upload pics to the forum, so here is a link where you can see them.

    thanks !

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    so everybody, no idea ?


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      really ? No one ?


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        Well, the dropbox link isn't working, for one. Second: what is your question, besides: "tell me all there is." Third: people tend to be more stimulated by some investigation by the questioner first. Just some thoughts.
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